The Digital India Fund aims to revitalize the broadband and digital services sector in India by incubating pioneer units, funding supporting units and commercializing indigenous technologies. The Digital India Fund is supported by and primarily funded by the IIT Alumni community globally both directly and through IIT Alumni funds such as Cheekotel Venture Fund - with most of the investors having hands on expertise and decades of experience in the digital technology space.


Digital India Fund participation primarily involves convertible debt and equity funding to companies that are engaged in the digital value chain and have a path towards a public listing event. In addition, the fund helps the investee companies in moving up the value chain through marketing, technology upgrades and global market access.  

The Fund also helps angel investors, VC funds and other institutional lenders get an entry into emerging broadband and digital companies. With an eventually exit through the capital markets so that they may plough back their returns into new companies thus increasing the velocity of funding and consequent availability of capital to new start-ups in the Indian digital ecosystem.